Dinner (updated Feb 2nd)


Hush Puppies
bacon onion jam...$6.95
Pickle Plate
our daily assortment...$6.95
Fried RI Calamari
sweet Thai chili sauce, pickles, scallions...$10.95
Crispy Avocado
buttermilk dressing...$8.95
Local Oysters on the Half Shell
today's selection...$3 each
Pumpkin Soup
sage brown butter croutons...$8.95

Little Somethin’ More

Shrimp and Grits 5.5
lshrimp with cheesy squash grits, roasted peppers, capers, and bacon...$14.95
Eat Your Kale!
warm squash, grit croutons, pickled red onions, capers, grated egg, balsamic...$11.95
Bingo Burger
1/2 lb., grass-fed, ground today. lettuce, pickle, fried onions, Redd Sauce...$15.95
Real Lexington NC Pulled Pork Sandwich
traditional slow smoked shoulder with cole slaw...$14.95
Local Grilled Cheese
roasted sweet potato, cheddar cheese, pickled red onion, spicy aioli...$13.95

Hearty Fare

Blackened Redfish
cast iron seared with dirty rice, stewed greens, lemon brown butter sauce...$19.95
Scallop Trainwreck 1887
grilled local scallops, smoked apple puree, local veggie pileup...$21.95
Grilled Bone-In Pork Chop
buttermilk mashed potatoes, sauteed spinach, PPP BBQ sauce..$21.95
Ben's Wils 'Shroom Smothered & Covered
crispy potato cake, mushroom gravy, roasted squash, grilled onion, kale, sunny egg...$17.95
Country Captain Fried Chicken
tossed in curried gravy and served with Anson Mills Carolina Gold Rice...$18.95
Confit & Roasted Duck
confit leg and thigh, Anson Mills braised farro, apples, kale, cider gastrique...$21.95
Crab and Hake Chowder
creamy crab stew with crabmeat, veggies potatoes & bacon...$19.95


Housemade French Fries
spicy ketchup, cheese sauce, gravy...$5.95
Sauteed Spinach..$5.95
Buttermilk Mashed Potatoes...$3.95
Maple Squash Puree...$5.95
Southern-Style Stewed Greens...$5.95

Something Sweet

Oma’s Pecan Pie...$8.95
with whipped cream and caramel sauce
add a scoop of housemade ice cream...$2.95
Julia's Chocolate Mousse...$9.95
buttermilk pie with chocolate crust & chocolate filling
Meyer Lemon Tart...$8.95
sweet almond crust, soft herb syrup, whipped cream
Flambeed Apple Tart...$10.95
house puff pastry & caramel ice cream, doused with flaming apple brandy
Bowl of Ice Cream...$9.95
ask your Champion about the flavors offered today
Port, Scotch, Bourbon, Bitters, Dessert Wines
ask your Champion about our selection
A Selection of MEM Teas...$2.95
Barrington Roasters Coffee...$2.75
Barrington Roasters Espresso...$2.75