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Chapter 5- The Siena Hotel and My First Chef

April 25, 2017    » posted by: charlieredd

After I got canned at the bistro for sucking as a cook I picked up my sore beer-soaked head and started searching again for a place to cook. It needed to be the kind of place that cared about what they were doing but could teach me the basics. I found this and much more with Brian Stapleton at The Siena Hotel.  »read more

Chapter 1-Infinity... the Cooks.

March 2, 2017    » posted by: charlieredd

In my training as a chef I always looked for the best kitchens to work in, headed up by the best chefs in the community. I joined those teams excited to give my all and develop into a master of my craft. I dreamed of quietly working hard at the side of the chef as they taught me how to cook, while sharing their philosophies of the great chefs and their historic contributions to gastronomy.  »read more

The Resistance begins NOW.

January 3, 2017    » posted by: charlieredd

This is the year of the resistance.

In the last 6 months, shit, the last year, I have observed a breaking down of the American society I had come to idealize. Political stand-offs have broken our community and driven us to the trenches of battle over our core values and ideals. So be it. I am ready to wear my tin hat and dive in for the battle, but not until I have exhausted my resources as a guerrilla. I will not give up the freedoms my forefathers, grandparents, and parents fought for, and the freedoms my children, brothers, sisters, and colleagues deserve.

Antonio The Great

November 2, 2016    » posted by: charlieredd

I wish my grandfathers were still alive to meet Antonio.  »read more

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Working in America Today, some personal thoughts

June 9, 2016    » posted by: charlieredd

Working in America Today

I dream of a country which wants to get back to work instead of finding excuses to not work.

A people that look back on their ancestors and see the great sacrifice that they made for the opportunities we have now and wish to honor their memory

by matching , no, surpassing that work ethic.

A youth with backbone, humility, strength and discipline.

A youth that brings innovation AFTER they have learned the ways of sweat, craft, art, responsibility, dedication, trust.  »read more

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R.I.P. to the Prince of Light

April 22, 2016    » posted by: charlieredd

I have few regrets in life. One true regret I have is not going to the Prince concert on the Musicology tour of 2004 because I was moving to Africa and the price of the ticket could pay for me to live there for three weeks. What an idiot. I now will never get the chance.  »read more

Why we are cheering for the Royals

October 30, 2015    » posted by: charlieredd

Many people have asked us why we are cheering for the Kansas City Royals this year. The reasons are a little deeper than a bandwagon, popularity or sympathy. As we watch the team win game after game we began to see ethics and behaviors that we try to emulate here at RnR. A growing frustration with the lack of what we feel are basic work principles has us grumbling constantly about the state of America and its current position as the tenderest population on the planet. But then the Royals came along and we found a common link.

How to Ride a Bike in Boston and not DIE!!!

January 22, 2015    » posted by: charlieredd

As I drove home on the Jamaicaway late at night I witnessed the near death accident of a cyclist. This essay is not for him. He was a fucking idiot: with headphones on riding in the crosswalk, ignoring the blinking hand telling him not to cross, didn’t look to check for the racing pickup truck trying to make the light, didn't notice that it was midnight and he was in all dark clothes, that he was crossing the most dangerous road in the entire city of Boston.

Becoming a Chef- Chapter 4, Mondo Bistro

November 22, 2014    » posted by: charlieredd

The Culinary Institute of America in 1994 was a tough scene socially. The male to female ratio was 10-1 and most ladies put on 20-30 pounds eating classic French food in the first three months of school. The school thought they were educating the new students in how dining was supposed to be, an indicator of how behind they were with the changes in American cooking, but instead were crushing the health and palates of young people. Except for me. I was a skinny long haired hippie who needed desperately the 15 pounds to cover up the ribs and loved the heavy cooking.

Hill Farmstead, Proper Correspondence, and Why You Always Bring Something to a Dinner Party

May 30, 2014    » posted by: admin

A few years ago I was introduced to the beers of Hill Farmstead. A close friend of mine went to work with the brewer, Shaun Hill, to pick his brain about planning a brewery In Oregon that barrel aged all its beer and Hill Farmstead was setting the bar for this type of brewing. He returned with an excellent beer, stories about Shaun’s techniques and how far ahead he was of the rest of the brewers in the country.