The local network, for real

May 23, 2011    » posted by: charlieredd

In opening this restaurant I have been very fortunate to be out in the hands of many other interesting Boston businesses. Local and sustainable is a lifestyle, not a fad. Where we spend our money, especially as a business, makes a big difference in the greater picture and when working with good business people, saves one money. Paying significantly more for local businesses versus the competition is debatable but I see it as charity, and in that category Partners in Health does more good then any business could ever do. if you don't know about them you should. But is what you buy better, healthier, personal, interesting, and guaranteed to come with a smile? Then it is probably an established local business. Here are a few stories about some of my favorites in the last months. I apologize for the lengthy blog but grab a beer, all are worth reading about:

J. Freeman's inc.
The guru of thrifty ( and plumbing, much love sensei) JC came in with a huge stack of cutting boards at Coda one day that he had just cut. He led me to Freemans's for the same when we were opening. Passing the 90+ owner as he was leaving for the day, still doing business, I walked into a world of plexiglass, wood paneling, old calendars, and a sign announcing a consistent closing for lunch from 12:30 to 1. I like any place that respects regular meal times. Nice guys who from my rough estimate had 30 years in the business between them helped me choose, pay, and load these huge sheets of plastic onto my 240 Volvo, the Grey Rhino. Smiles, instructions, and the common farewell I've come to enjoy "When do you open? Good Luck!"

Seymour Green's
Local Rozzie T-Shirt printer that hooked me up with the original RnR custom T and who will be getting an order for the first generation of logo T's soon. Shirts, hats, printing, the man will do it and do it right. His name is on it. The price is right and you can't beat the service. I think Seymour will be seeing more greenbacks, pimp. Don't worry, you can get almost anything here without pork, Insha' Allah.

Light Design Neon, Chelsea
My trip today to meet Kevin about a neon sign I have always wanted to adorn this spot with was the experience leading to this post. Shabby, weathered facade with a clean plaque on the door reminds me of what I would have expected at 221B Baker Street, disarming you for who you are about to encounter. The door opens into a showroom of neon lights, old and new that spread from the standard beer sign to works bursting from the wall with color, topless women, comets, and dreams. Kevin is neon and all I love about it and I am excited to find a craftsman who upholds a time honored style because of love, dedication to a craft, and the pride in doing something original and doing it WELL.

These places are just a few of the one's I have worked with that I am proud to support because of their superior business practices and products. I hope to do the same.

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