Dear Racist,

April 20, 2014    » posted by: admin
Racial classification and judgement is a daily occurrence for everyone in the world with no permanent solution. The best anyone can do is stand up to those persecuting their neighbor, near as well as afar, and educate the future generation to look beyond prejudice, in others and ourselves. In this next letter I received a week ago the content and subject line can only be interpreted that this person sees all interactions that don't go their way as a judgement against their race. The only one judging is them.

"Racist in Rozzie?"

We just moved to the area and are eager to try out all the local restaurants. My husband, daughter and I arrived yesterday afternoon hoping to grab a bite and enjoy some drinks. After standing in the entry and being stared at by the flannel wearing bar goers an Asian woman finally approached us with a very frosty greeting. She seemed annoyed that we were there and proceeded to tell us that we could eat but had to order quickly or come back later. Both totally fine with us, but we felt so unwanted that I murmured some lame excuse about not wanting sandwhiches and we'd come back.

As we left, the flannels laughed. Wow! We've lived in Paris, Los Angeles and the South End and have never felt so unwelcomed.

We drove over to Porter cafe and had a wonderful meal and a experience.

I'll be sure to let my colleagues and neighbors know of our awful experience.

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I responded a week later.

Dear *****,

I’m sorry you didn’t feel welcome when you visited my restaurant last Sunday but I am confused by your letter. I’m not sure why you titled it “Racist in Rozzie?” but from reading it I have concluded that you must be the subject of reference instead of me.

My staff and I do our best to not pass judgment based on skin color and have a zero tolerance policy on discrimination of any kind. We have a diverse group of employees, guests, and supporters. I chose this neighborhood to open my restaurant because of many things, but most importantly because of the true diversity that Roslindale represents with many cultures, economic levels, and races living side-by-side in harmony. In your letter you explain how you entered the restaurant, racially profiled all the staff and guests, and for some reason took offense to who they were and left. It’s still not clear to me why you were offended by what we offered when you came by. It IS clear to me, however, that you were offended by the people in the restaurant. Why? I’ll never know.

I’m writing to also let you know about an amendment to our zero tolerance policy. We do discriminate against racists here at Redd’s in Rozzie and, as such, you are not allowed to come back to this restaurant. Thankfully you graciously shared a photo of yourself in front of the Arc de Triomphe on the internet so all my staff can identify you and have been instructed to not serve you. Enjoy your time here in Roslindale.


Charlie Redd

Thank you to all my staff, neighbors,and friends that helped me edit this response on such a sensitive issue in a clear voice.

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