Matt O'Keefe, Captain on the Sea of Life

October 28, 2017    » posted by: charlieredd

When Matt and Jess walked into my empty restaurant while I was tending bar solo after sending the last tender server home (even though I was finishing up a Sunday double shift) neither of us knew that it would be a major turning point in our careers. I have had the joy of working with Matt for 4 years and this weekend we say goodbye to him for another exciting step in his blossoming career path.   »read more

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Chapter 1-Infinity... the Cooks.

March 2, 2017    » posted by: charlieredd

In my training as a chef I always looked for the best kitchens to work in, headed up by the best chefs in the community. I joined those teams excited to give my all and develop into a master of my craft. I dreamed of quietly working hard at the side of the chef as they taught me how to cook, while sharing their philosophies of the great chefs and their historic contributions to gastronomy.  »read more

Antonio The Great

November 2, 2016    » posted by: charlieredd

I wish my grandfathers were still alive to meet Antonio.  »read more

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The Father's Day Massacre

June 15, 2012    » posted by: charlieredd

The Father’s Day Massacre

I think I can finally talk about Father’s Day last year. This story has been in the editing stage since the massacre happened at 4257 Washington St on Father’s Day 2011. It is time to come clean to all the patient families, irate hungry decaffeinated parents, to the poor couple at table 4 whose daughter flung the champagne flute across the dining room at the peak of the hysteria, and to the couple that flipped me the bird as they walked out. I’m terribly sorry, but there is a story to be told, it goes like this….  »read more

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